Q: Why do I feel dizzy and experience headache after taking Nu Prep Lelaki?

A: These symptoms are known as herbal detoxification effect and they are temporary. It can occur in the first 4 days of taking the product. However, it does not necessarily experience by all users. Drink plenty of water while taking Nu Prep Lelaki. If symptoms persisted for a week, stop taking the product or reduce the dose or immediately consult with a doctor.


Q: Can I take Nu Prep Lelaki if I was under a prescription of other medications?

A: Yes, but it is appropriate that you consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before taking Nu Prep Lelaki.


Q: Can I take other nutritional supplements with Nu Prep Lelaki?

A: Yes


Q: Can Nu Prep Lelaki causes excessive intake?

A: We recommend intake of 3 capsules daily. However, if the result is less effective at this dosage, you can take higher doses to achieve the desired effect. It is not unusual for a person to take a higher dose in the early stages before the dosage is lowered (e.g., take 3-4 capsules and after having the desired effects, maintain 2 capsules per day)


Q: I am a diabetic. Can I take Nu Prep Lelaki?

A: No complication has been recorded.


Q: Have any studies done on toxins or side effects of Tongkat Ali? Is it true that long-term use can cause prostate enlargement?

A: One of the earliest studies done on human testicular tissue showed that Nu Prep does not increase the production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone of which high concentration can cause an increase in the size of the prostate. Nu Prep boosts the production of testosterone, androstenedione and DHEA, and is safe for prostate health.


Q: Can I take Nu Prep Lelaki continuously in the long run or have to take a break during the intake?

A: Nu Prep works like a conductor in an orchestra. The effect is to address the increased needs in any parts of the body and at any time when the body system is required to work harder. When it is not needed by the body, the extra effect is not going to occur. That is the reality of the human body.


Q: I have Type2 diabetes, does it affect sex life? How does Nu Prep Lelaki work in my body?

A: The ingredients contained in the roots of Tongkat Ali has been used by our ancestors for strength and energy, thus it plays an important role in daily physical activity. Now, we have managed to extract good consistent quality without damaging the immune system. However, Nu Prep Lelaki does not treat any particular disease as stated but it can be used as additional supplement and to avoid disease. If you take Nu Prep Lelaki as recommended, you will not feel lethargic like before. If you exercise regularly, you can see rapid reduction of sugar level and all this is due to the effect of increased energy from Nu Prep Lelaki. Incidentally, Tongkat Ali is known to help increase testosterone and control growth hormone (increase its production if the level is low) and other hormones. Therefore, Nu Prep Lelaki works better if you do regular exercise. However, Nu Prep Lelaki does not treat erectile dysfunction.